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Reopening Cities in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Transportation is the heart of an economy, playing an incontestable role in the betterment of the country. A sustainable, well-developed transportation system signifies an abundance of opportunities for people to gravitate towards better employment in the city, thus boosting economic growth. In Bangladesh, 64% of the total population depends on public transport. Transportation contributes almost 11% into the country’s GDP. Emerging economies have continually been facing a multitude of challenges.

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Cashless, Contactless Commute: A New Way to Travel?

Cashless, contactless commute: A new way to travel?

While various transport platforms are available throughout Dhaka city, 47% of all commutes are covered by public buses. Providing a cheaper and more accessible alternative, bus commute remains the go-to option for people of the middle income and lower-middle income families. As bus travel covers up to almost half of all travel in the city, it is of utmost importance to ensure that passengers enjoy a hygienic, stress-free and safe commute.
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Tackling Public Transportation in Bangladesh: A Tech-based Solution

When traveling in Bangladesh comes up in a conversation, hours of endless traffic and unbearable pollution seem to be the first two things that come to mind. Bangladesh contains about 1000 people per square kilometer, making it the most densely populated country in the world. Dhaka streets are overflowing with vehicles, yet there still aren’t adequate means of transportation for its inhabitants.

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